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We’re proud to help the people of Anniston, AL, drive into a sustainable future together. Learn more about the benefits of going green with our most frequently asked EV questions. 

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Do electric vehicles have a limited driving range?

EV range has considerably increased over the past decade. Today, nearly all electric-only vehicles deliver at least 200 miles of range on a single full charge, while U.S. drivers average only 39 miles per day. At Kia, we offer all-electric vehicle options starting at 232 miles of EPA-estimated range, all the way up to 310 in our all-new 2022 EV6 RWD Long-Range model.

Are electric vehicles slow?

Sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on power and acceleration. Unlike gas-powered vehicles, which need fuel to travel through hundreds of heavy moving parts before finally reaching the wheels, electric motors simply require an electric current to deliver maximum torque instantly. In many EVs, those motors are connected directly to the wheels, giving you more instant power.

Are electric vehicles fun to drive?

Electric vehicles can be equipped with any type of suspension, drive mode technology or other ride & handling feature that a gas-powered vehicle can. Not to mention, EVs provide much better handling than gas-powered vehicles, giving you more agile control over the roads of Anniston, Oxford, or Riverside.

Are charging stations easy to find?

While you always have the option of charging your electric vehicle overnight at home, there may be times when you need to charge on the go. Thankfully, Kia EV drivers have access to nearly 775 charging stations at Kia dealerships and 40,000 public charging stations across the U.S.

Do Kia EVs take a long time to charge?

While you may not be able to refuel a battery-electric vehicle as quickly as you can fill your tank at a gas station, EV charging technology is rapidly improving. For instance, if you choose to charge with a DC fast charger, you can get up to 217 miles in just 18 minutes or 70 miles in as little as 5 minutes.

Is there a warranty on Kia EV batteries?

Kia’s EV and hybrid batteries come with an industry-leading 10-year/100,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first), so you can drive confidently wherever the road takes you.

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